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Need a song?

Get songs professionally chosen for YOU!

About Me

what is  it?

You need songs?  iNeedSongs is here to help!!

iNeedSongs is a revolutionary way to have a one-on-one interaction with a Broadway professional and get songs tailored for your voice and character type from the comfort of your own home. 


Everyone is searching for that "perfect" audition or college pre-screen song but can't seem to find it.

Jodie has taught thousands of students and actors from around the country who have used her chosen songs to either:

·         book Broadway shows and regional productions, 

·         get accepted into the top colleges and B.F.A. programs,

·         win district and higher-level competitions, or 

·         get lead roles in high school shows.


Jodie headshotJPG

Jodie has a unique ability of measuring a person's voice, character, and intentions and select appropriate songs that others would not think of.  Jodie has a vast song database that students benefit from.  She is affectionately known by students as the "Song Queen."


She is passionate about inspiring others and truly wants those seeking her help to succeed in every way.

Jodie is a Broadway Actress, Renowned Teacher and Coach, and Author.  Her Broadway/Broadway National Tour Credits include “Les Miserables” (Cosette), "Joseph...Dreamcoat" (Narrator), "CATS"(Grizabella), for which she has the distinction of being the youngest actor to portray the role, and the Pre-Broadway show “Martin Guerre” (lead character Bertrande). 

Click here for Jodie's Resume.



"Jodie has such a vast understanding of the industry and knowledge of the material and knows what songs fit best on which students."

taylor louderman

"mean girls"


Do you need songs for an upcoming audition, college interview, to upgrade your audition book, challenge yourself or for any other reason?

Purchase the service below and prepare two videos:

  • one with a brief introduction of yourself describing what you need songs for  

  • second video should be of your singing a 32 bar cut of a song (approximately one minute in length).   

After you purchase the service below you will receive an email with directions of where to send the videos to. 

Jodie may contact you to obtain more information about you and your song needs.  After Jodie reviews your videos, within 3-5 business days you will be sent an email containing the names and pdfs of the songs Jodie selects for you. If you paid for expedited service, you will receive your email of the names of the songs and their pdfs within 24 hours.

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